Monthly Archives: September 2012

Frequent Flyer Follies

Earlier this month, I went on a tour through Egypt, which encompassed seven flights.  All except two flights were booked through a travel agency.  Two airlines, EgyptAir and Air Canada were used, and all flights qualified for Aeroplan miles.

The travel agency was provided with my Aeroplan number, but didn’t provide it to the airlines.  At the conclusion of the trip, only three of the seven flights were credited to my account.

No problem, I thought, as I filed a claim through the Aeroplan website.  Much to my surprise, despite having copies of my etickets and boarding passes (one of which even has my Aeroplan number on it), all claims were denied, with what appears to be a standard response: There is no record with the airline for the passenger name submitted. If the name was incorrectly entered, please resubmit your request with the full name as it appears on your ticket.

There are no spelling mistakes, and everything is correct. 

In an earlier case involving a flight from Chicago in June, I have been asked to submit both a copy of my boarding pass and my eticket.  I thought the purpose of an eticket was to eliminate paperwork.  In this situation Air Canada was able to provide a copy of the ticket within two days.

The claim process was started this week.  Let’s see how long it takes to come to a successful fulfillment.