Alcatraz Island

The Alcatraz Cruises Ferry is the only way to get to the island.  It is a private company under contract to the National Park Service.  The Hornblower hybrid ferry is a catamaran that operates on solar, wind and diesel power. When planning your trip, keep in mind that the ferry service can sell out weeks... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Signs

San Francisco has an enormous amount of signs, some operational, some not.  I'm not referring to the endless flat signs of modern stores, but historic signs.  Some are neon, some painted, many restored.  Signs where the business no longer exists, signs where the business seems to have been there forever. John's Grill is located on... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Hotel Signs

San Francisco has done a wonderful job preserving heritage signs. Many of the hotels shown below no longer take bookings, or are even hotels.  At least one is an active hostel, and many now fall under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Homeless Resource. The Columbia Hotel now operates as the Orange Village Hostel.  Short... Continue Reading →

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