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Guild Park

Take a trip out the Danforth and then Kennedy Road, way out in Scarborough.  Make an exit onto Guildwood Parkway, and you’ll arrive a Guild Park, eighty-eight acres that abut the Scarborough Bluffs.

Originally the location of the Guild Inn, which was built in 1914, later to become an artists colony and subsequently a hotel and restaurant.  It stands today in a shabby state of repair, having been closed for ages.  Circled by chain-link fence, there’s a sign on one of the doors warning of the danger inside from mould and asbestos.

There is, however, a significant reason to make the journey to Guild Park.  Inside are the architectural remains of some of Toronto’s historic, long demolished buildings.

Bankers Bond Building
Bankers Bond Building, 1920 – 1973
60 King St W, Toronto – at the entrance to Guild Park
Temple Building
Temple Building
1895 – 1970
Bay & Richmond, Toronto – home of the Independent Order of Forresters
The Granite Club
The Granite Club
1926 – 1973
63 St Clair Ave W, Toronto – main entrance
Greek Theatre
Bank of Toronto
Built 1913
King & Bay, Toronto – used in the summer as a theatre, playing Romeo & Juliet in 2015.  Operated by The Guild Festival Theatre

Although many beautiful historic buildings remain throughout the city, Toronto has long been on a mission to destroy the past, no matter how magnificent.  These are just some of the pieces scattered throughout Guild Park.

More in a future post.