Lisbon Arrival

I arrived in Lisbon late in the afternoon on a pleasant April day after a flight from Amsterdam.  My taxi drops me at my address, after what seemed a very long drive.  I have rented an apartment for my twelve day stay.  It’s a very old three story building, with three doorbells.  I ring them all.  No answer.

A voice from around the corner:  “Mr. George! Mr. George!” and here is Ana Paula, the owner.  We go around the corner and stop in at Leitaria Confianca.

Leitaria Confianca
Leitaria Confianca, Lisbon, Portugal

Owned by Ana Paula, it’s a combination variety store, coffee shop, restaurant and neighbourhood hangout.  I have a beer and a chat, and get the keys to my new temporary flat.  Ana Paula will run a tab for my entire stay.

The street is only one block long, and I’m in door number two.  Up a flight of stairs and I’m inside.  I have a living room with two juliette balconies, a bedroom with a closet, a kitchen with a very odd stove I didn’t use during my stay, and a very tiny and inconvenient bathroom.  Lots of HD channels on the television, and working WiFi.

There is another apartment above me.  The apartment below is entered through door number four.

#2 Travessa do Caldeira
#2 Travessa do Caldeira, my apartment in Lisbon, Portugal

Now I’m safely in the Santa Catarina district of Lisbon, a short walk to Miradouro de Santa Catarina, when everybody gets a great view of the Tagus River and can drink a beer, or have a coffee in the park.  Further on is Rua do Loreto, where there is a small grocery store, and lots of local shops.  Near the end of this street is Praça Luís de Camões.

Travessa do Caldeira
Travessa do Caldeira, my residence in Lisbon, Portugal.

I return to my apartment in the early evening, having walked around to get a feel for the area, stocked up on a few foods, stopped at the nearest bar (Le Marais),  and begin planning activities for the next day.

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