Lisbon Tile

One of the things one notices almost everywhere in Lisbon, are the tiles, called Azulejos.

Indoors, outside, there is even a National Tile Museum.  Located in the former Convent of Madres Deus, has tiles dating back to the fifteenth century.  The intact chapel is spectacular.  The museum is also fully accessible.

Yellow Tiles
Beautiful yellow tiles surround a blue mural.
Exterior Blue
Exterior tiles on a wall and over a doorway. Although untouched, outdoor tiles are subject to graffiti, which is rampant in Lisbon.
Although not ceramic tile, this was on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant.
Lobby Tiles
Traditional blue tiles in a lobby.
Blue Tile
Detail of a traditional blue tile.

These pictures were randomly taken during my many walks around Lisbon while on vacation.  The only downside to the exterior tile work is the graffiti which is all over Lisbon, and doesn’t get removed.


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