Magnolia Mound

The Magnolia Mound Plantation House is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, near the Mississippi River, located about one mile south of the downtown area.  It was built in the French Creole style in 1791, with an addition in the early 1800’s.

Front of House
Front of House
Front Porch
View of the front porch

The main room has a rare cove ceiling, and many federal accents were added throughout the house.  Like most large homes of the period, the kitchen was a located in a separate building, due to fear of fire.

The kitchen, separate from the main house.

The original grounds of the plantation were six hundred acres, and there were fifty slaves to work them.  Cotton, indigo, tobacco and sugar cane.

By 1966 the house had fallen into disrepair, and the city of Baton Rouge used “eminent domain” to acquire it, and sixteen of the remaining acres.  None of the original slave cabins remained, so one was brought in from the area.

Plantation slave cabin, original to the period.
Plantation slave cabin, original to the period.

Baton Rouge is not a huge tourist draw, even more because New Orleans is less than ninety minutes away.  There are several places here of interest to those who appreciate history and architecture and are worth checking out.

This was my first stop when I arrived, before checking into my hotel.  Well worth a couple of hours of your time, and the guide was most knowledgeable.

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