Siesta Key Beach

I’ve purchased a new camera:  Samsung WB350F.  There’s much to learn, and it’s WiFi enabled.  I took it to Siesta Key Beach today for a test run.

Siesta Public Beach
Siesta Key Beach Historic Marker
Siesta Key Beach
Welcome to Siesta Beach

Siesta Key Beach has regularly been voted one of the top ten beaches in North America.  Cross a bridge from the mainland, a short drive through the village, and there you are.  There’s a large, but not large enough, parking lot.  Pass over a small sand dune and you are greeted by a vast expanse of powdery white sand.

Volleyball on Siesta Key Beach
Lifeguard Stand
Lifeguard Stand on Siesta Key
Second of three lifeguard stations on Siesta Key Beach

It was a less than optional beach day.  Cool and breezy, with sporadic sun.  One important thing with the new camera was when the sun did come in, the viewing screen became a mirror.  Almost fully useless.

The water goes on forever
Siesta Key Beach

The green flags were out at the lifeguard stations.  Here on the gulf side of Florida, one can walk out into the water for ages at still be only knee deep.  However, even then, as I discovered, it still possible to be bitten by a sting ray.  Ouch!

Every Sunday evening at dusk, there is a drum circle.



This is a beautiful beach, in a beautiful location.  If you want to go, arrive early, or you will not get a parking spot.

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