Air Canada Fares

Air Canada advertises on their website "Air Canada Lowest Price Guarantee always at An opportunity to check this out came today. There is a return flight in July from JFK - DUS via Air Canada available on Orbitz for $869.00 A quick check at the Air Canada website shows this same return trip, on... Continue Reading →

Frequent Flyer Follies – The End

The story is over.... I checked my Aeroplan account today, and my balance has made a considerable jump. There were two flights remaining from Egypt Air, dating back to September, which had never been credited to my account, despite my jumping through hoops providing proof.  My Aeroplan number was even on the boarding pass. I... Continue Reading →

Frequent Flyer Follies

The story continues... I contacted Aeroplan on 28th November.  Still little progress, but the agent (Mark) said all outstanding miles would be posted to my account by 12th December.  I'm skeptical, of course. Turned out I was correct.  I waited for the new year before contacting Aeroplan again.  This time, I'm told that Mark couldn't... Continue Reading →

Frequent Flyer Follies

Earlier this month, I went on a tour through Egypt, which encompassed seven flights.  All except two flights were booked through a travel agency.  Two airlines, EgyptAir and Air Canada were used, and all flights qualified for Aeroplan miles. The travel agency was provided with my Aeroplan number, but didn't provide it to the airlines. ... Continue Reading →

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