White Hall, Kentucky

Twice yearly I make the trek from Toronto, Canada to Sarasota, Florida, where I spend the winter.  It’s a trip that can be done fast or slow, as the mood strikes.  I have made the trip in slightly more than eighteen hours, but I now prefer to take three days.  There’s lots to see along the way.

My Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, outside the gate to White Hall in Kentucky
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White Hall, Kentucky

Not that long ago I had this little red convertible.  It lasted for thirteen years before catching fire while I was waiting at a red light in Florida.  White Hall is located just off I75 near Richmond, Kentucky.  It was closed for the season when I arrived.


White Hall is a state historic site in Kentucky.  The grounds were open and I was able to walk around, and also managed to get a glimpse of the interior through those huge windows.

From the official website:

Nestled in rolling farmland, the home was built in the late 1700’s, with a major addition constructed in the 1860’s. The mansion, built in Georgian and Italianate styles, boasts nearly ten thousand square feet with modern innovations of the time such as central heating and indoor plumbing.

November 1 through March 31 the mansion is closed to the public except for A Victorian Christmas the first two weekends of December.

White Hall
White Hall


Deer at White Hall
Deer at White Hall

This was a pleasant way to spend a break on the long trip south.  The grounds are quite large, and I was the only person there that afternoon.

White Hall had been abandoned for some time.  Pictures are difficult to find, however here is one from 1968 showing the windows boarded.



White Hall, 1968
Historic White Hall, 1968, thanks to A Grave Interest 

How did I find this?  Driving down the highway, there’s a sign that says “White Hall Next Exit” or something similar.  I took a chance and made the exit.


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