Anticipating Morocco


Travel Resumes

My last on a plane was in September, 2019, on a wonderful trip to India.  Subsequent to that a road trip to Florida for two months, then Covid, with all its restrictions, messed up several booked trips.

I currently have credits with Swoop Airlines, American Airlines and Indus Travel – all for trips cancelled due to Covid.

This year – I had a trip booked for Japan in October, made with a $300 deposit.  At this writing, Japan is still closed to the public.  It came time to pay the balance (nearly $4,000) or opt for a credit to be used later.  Not expecting Japan to open any time soon, I now have a credit with UTO Travel as well.

No idea when I will be able to use these – some will expire (another way of saying the travel companies will just steal my money) – but Indus Travel has too much to just let it go.



Late last year, I booked a trip to Morocco through Exoticca – thinking I was booking 2023, through my own fault I booked 2022.  Departure is scheduled for the second week of June.

Exoticca has not been forthcoming with a lot of information.  Last month I received an email about requirements for travel (48 hour PCR Test), and that it is my responsibility to meet this criteria.  Two weeks ago, Morocco dropped this requirement – crickets from the tour company.

Similarly, nothing about the trip itself – although I took it upon myself to go to their website and everything is there.  Originally they tried booking me on TAP Air Portugal, but this appears to have failed (and would have required that I pay for baggage).  I have confirmed tickets on Royal Air Maroc, which included two checked bags.  So far, so good, but no way to upgrade my seat, or in fact pick a seat – and none have been assigned yet.

I’ve decided to use the park and fly rate available from the Best Western near the airport.  My arrival is early evening, but it will be late once I clear customs.  Driving two hours in the dark is not for me.  This way, there’s a comfortable overnight room and breakfast included.

During this trip I will be in Casablanca, Rabat, Asilah, Tangier, Chefchaouen, ouazzane, Meknes, Fez, Midedlt, Erfoud, Dades Valley, Kalaat M’Abouna, Ouarzazate and finishing of in Marrakech.

Our final day in Marrakech I have arranged a private tour, which will include the Yves St Laurent Museum.



My bag is out, ready for travel.  It’s black, (with a red stap that says CANADA), and will be the first time I’m using hard sided luggage.  Keeping the old soft one just in case I hate it.  Throwing in stuff I’ll be needing, but not actually packing yet.

Also – due to Covid, and the lack of travel the past two years, foreign currency has been difficult to come by.  The bank had no dirhams, and I got the last three thousand from the currency exchange at Robert Q.

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