Coronavirus Continues

Travel Advisory Canada
Lighthouse in Percé, Quebec
Lighthouse in Percé, Quebec


It was March of 2020 that we initially shut down.  Almost everything closed so there was almost no traffic.  Grocery stores were open but with limits on shoppers.  There were lines to get in.  Walmart and Costco, which sell groceries, were allowed to be open in full.

The province opens and closes according to the infection rate in the area.  In December, Toronto was shut down, and to date has not reopened.  There’s a huge Studio 54 exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  It was scheduled to open in December, and I had made arrangements to attend the member preview.  It has never opened.

We are currently locked down again.  Restaurants are open for takeaway only.  Stores are open only for curbside pickup.  Dogs can get groomed but people can’t.  Walmart and Costco remain open, but this time they can only sell food – all other areas are blocked.

We are halfway through a six week lockdown, and also the border with the US remains closed to unnecessary travel.  Anybody who exits Canada has a fourteen day quarantine on return.

Vaccines are being distributed across Canada.  I get the Pfizer shot next week.  I’m also on the waiting list for the Aztra Zeneca vaccine.  I’ll go with whichever one is available first.

No plans to travel.  My trip to Thailand/Viet Nam/Cambodia is still booked for October, so I just have to wait and see what happens there.

So still stuck at home with Nexflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus.

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