Looking Ahead to Travel in 2023

Travel in 2023 brings me to four new countries.  First is Germany, which is restarting what was cancelled by Covid in 2020.  Following that, Thailand, Viet Nam and Cambodia which were also cancelled by Covid.  Lastly, I’ll be returning to Egypt.  This time my trip will include the Grand Egyptian Museum and a resort on the Red Sea.



This trip is in the initial planning stages.  I’ve book a return flight to Hamburg beginning at the end of February, 2023.  Although I’m still looking at spending the first two days at the same hotel I had planned in 2020, I’m considering doing a air B & B type of stay, just not with that company.

EBAB is an online company offering a similar service, but without all the cleaning and junk fees.  I’ve used them before on a few trips, and everything always worked out well.  The nightly cost is less than half that of a hotel.

Nearby is the city of Bremen, where I also plan to spend a few days.  Still doing some research to fill the end of the fifteen days trip.


Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam

This has been booked as a twenty-one days package tour, which I think suits me best.

The first stop is three days in Bangkok.  There is a temple tour included, featuring Wat Benchamabophit and Wat Pho – home of the famous Reclining Buddha.

Next is six days in Cambodia.  Three are spent in Siem Reap, The second days is a full day temple excursion to Angkor Tom and Angkor Wat.  Lastly, and excursion to Kulen Mountain.

Phnom Penh is next, a leisurely few days interrupted by a trip to the Killing Fields.

Lastly we move on to Viet Nam and Ho Chi Minh City and an overnight trip on the Mekong Delta.  This is followed by a few days in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.



I was last in Egypt in 2012, and I quite imagine this trip will closely mirror the previous one (with the exception of staying in the glorious Mena House Oberoi).

We fly directly to Cairo, given that there really isn’t much choice.  The Pyramids Sound & Light Show was a big disappointment, so I won’t be doing that again.

The brochure lists the “Egyptian Museum” – I assume they mean the new Grand Egyptian Museum.  Google says it opens in November 2022, but the official website says 2023 – with no date.  Hoping it’s open November next year.

I’ll be visiting all the usual historic sites, but I may pass Abu Simbel – it’s a separate flight and I’m sure that it hasn’t changed in ten years.

Lastly, three days relaxing at a resort in Hurghada.


These are the major trip for next year.  There will be smaller, more localized trips in North America







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