Some Symmetry, Just on a Whim

St Mary's, York

Whether by plan or by happenstance, some things just catch my eye when I travel.  Hopefully I have my camera with me, but my phone (Samsung) always does in a pinch.  Symmetry can be anywhere.

Bikes in Hyde Park


On a trip to London I stayed on Bayswater Road across from Kensington Palace, which was closed for some extensive renovations.  There were a lot of bikes available to rent, but I decided to stay on foot.  It’s a huge park with lots to see.



 Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport really caught my eye.  I had a long wait at the airport for my flight to Canada, which is also a very long flight, over the north pole.  I don’t recall much of interest at the airport, except the smoking rooms in departures had built-in lighters.  Ours had been confiscated when checking in.


Interior, York Minster

Interior, York Minster – Note the dragonWhen planning my trip to England in 2016 (London, Manchester), a friend suggested York, which I knew nothing about.  Then somebody else said that if I’m going to York, I should definitely visit Lincoln.  So my trip came to include London, York, Sheffield, Lincoln, Stratford, and Bath.  I have yet to make it to Manchester.


Kingston Pen central staircase
Kingston Pen central staircase

The Federal Penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario was opened in 1835 and remained in operation until 2013.  The home of Canada’s most notorious killers. This interior staircase looks like it could have been used for a Hollywood musical.

The Pen is open for tours in the summer, mostly lead by former jail guards.  All proceeds to charity.


Interior, Lincoln Cathedral
Interior, Lincoln Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, construction began in 1072 and continued through the middle ages.  How they build arches like this I can’t begin to imagine, back then or even today.






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